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This Life Can Turn A Good Girl Bad

She Was The Sweetest Thing

30 April 1988
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about a girl.

alanna. 22. girly. intense. faded. motherly. impulsive. kind. loving. beautiful. anxious. witty. curious. unique. choatic. thankful. honest. patient. fangirl.

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f a n d o m.

people. sophia bush. joseph gordon levitt. mila kunis. ryan reynolds. autumn reeser.
tv. one tree hill. 90210. life unexpected. gossip girl. supernatural. glee. lost. himym. big bang theory. scrubs. cougar town. btvs. angel. firefly. dollhouse.
ships. brooke/julian. naomi/liam. adrianna/navid. dan/blair. chuck/blair. rachel/finn. rachel/puck. barney/robin. sawyer/juliet. angel/cordelia.
movies. brick. thirteen. dazed and confused. oceans eleven. hot fuzz. lotr. the devil wears prada. now and then. pratical magic. the proposal. flicka.
books. the mortal instrutments. vampire academy. thirteen reasons why. the time traveler's wife.

Life offers infinite possible roads. sometimes your head chooses the route, sometimes your heart. and sometimes, for better or worse, neither head nor heart can resist the stubborn pull of fate.
{Dean Koontz}

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